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Company Overview

About Us

We are a strategic business advisory firm. We understand the benefits, costs and risks of business transformation, technology driven change and global sourcing whether its in-house shared services, onshore, near-shore or offshore.

We help leaders grab opportunities to capitalise, reposition and innovate ahead of the competition to retain, evolve and enhance their markets.

Our team combines highly skilled consultants in governance, strategy, and operations with broad commercial expertise. Our expertise is based on over four decades of project experience executed globally.

We leverage our experience to ensure clients develop robust transformation strategies. We ensure our clients fully understand the risks and help develop approaches to mitigate these risks wherever possible.

We have developed innovative proprietary models and tools which ensure clients get the maximum return possible on their investment.

We are acknowledged for our objectivity and efficiency.

Our implementation services help clients understand and reduce the risks from major change programmes – we work with clients to ensure the team delivers on time and on budget.

Our consultants are experienced business transformation, sourcing, technology and process consultants with deep consulting, operational and business experience – from both client and supplier perspectives.

Our Approach

We are acknowledged thought leaders in strategic sourcing governance. We don’t follow, but rather, create best practice.

Our solutions are tailored for each client, but the process of developing solutions follows rigorous processes that ensure at each stage the decisions and choices made are appropriate given the organisation’s internal capacity and capabilities.

We facilitate the creation of appropriate solutions for clients, with client executive teams from different parts of the organisation being intimately involved in the decision making process, ensuring the best possible solution for the organisation and creating long term organisational capabilities and relationships, which are critical for initiatives to succeed.

We create solutions which bring sustainable benefits to the organisation. At the heart of our approach is sustainability: long term benefits, creating the right incentives and automating processes wherever possible.

We provide services for a number of vertical sectors and have developed substantial industry knowledge, techniques and data sources.

Why we are Different

We are a trusted partner to our clients, working with them to develop solutions and complementing their skills and experience – facilitated by proprietary tools and systems.

We provide and combine advisory and facilitation services throughout major transformation and change programmes working throughout the entire life cycle. Advisory services to ensures the right decisions are made, implementation services to get the most from such initiatives complemented by facilitation and training services. At the heart of all our service offerings is built-in strategic governance, This ensures our client organisations make decisions that are aligned to the broader organisational vision and their economic engine, where such decisions are made with risk in mind and are made through engagement with a range of organisational stakeholders.

We support our clients in getting potentially difficult initiatives off the ground by helping to validate business strategy, assessing the various opportunities and options, gathering the facts to support informed decision making, conducting thorough due diligence exercises, and testing the feasibility of a proposed solution in order to develop a true case for change.

We use proprietary models, tools and governance systems, to ensure our clients make the right decisions and implement such decisions effectively and efficiently.

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