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Consultancy and Advisory

A Modular Approach

We help transform business operations through making the right strategy, supplier and technology decisions, improving efficiency and effectiveness, lowering operational costs and enhancing our clients competitive advantage. We help businesses uncover and realise opportunities to improve performance that ultimately increase profitability and competitiveness.

As part of this analysis, we not only identify business improvement initiatives, but assess the capabilities and competences of the organisation to manage the change. In the case of using global sourcing, we not only help identify functions and processes which could be outsourced to deliver better value to the business, but also identify opportunities for internal improvement, especially the implementation of better strategic governance systems and processes.

Whilst we are flexible in how we address a client’s particular requirements, we follow a generic, structured approach. This is based on the principle of allowing businesses to take advantage of investment opportunities in outsourcing at manageable levels of risk, and often within tight budgetary constraints. We believe our end to end life cycle approach better supports the needs of sourcing clients and service providers in today’s market. We focus on what is essential to deliver highly successful outcomes with faster returns on investment, greater confidence in the results, better provision of services, and true outsourcing partnerships.

Our phased approach allows clients to benefit from consultancy and advisory services wherever they are in the lifecycle.


Our activities cover the full transformation lifecycle and include:

  • Opportunity analysis, strategy alignment and business case development through the engagement and dialogue with organisational stakeholders.

  • Knowledge transfer and training to enable the organisation to make better, rational and considered decisions.

  • Due diligence and benchmarking analysis.

  • Current Operating Model review and Target Operating Model design with an in-depth internal capabilities assessment.

  • Requirements capture (process and data gathering) with the development of appropriate KPIs and SLA metrics.

  • Sourcing preparation including supplier qualification, evaluation and selection.

  • Relationship management and contract / schedules development with appropriate commercial and financial modelling support.

  • Transition and transformation planning and support - developing standardised processes and transition management planning to ensure inefficiencies are removed from the process.

  • Governance and supplier management process design - we help our client’s develop appropriate governance and relationship management structures, ensuring the executive team have full visibility of the outsourcing programme and its impact on the organisation and its customers.

  • Benefits realisation road mapping and collection and appropriate ongoing contract support, including arbitration and mediation assistance.

A Strategic Approach

In a changing world, old assumptions of customer demand and competitor responses are no longer valid. The new world calls for new approaches to business – if you’re not part of the new world – you may soon be extinct.

Businesses need to reassess their core business and core competences - any function and/or process which is not a core competence and of strategic importance can “potentially” be externally sourced.

Full Life Cycle Model

We have created tools to decide, measure, maximise and manage the process and value from transformation initiatives and in particular outsourcing.

Our approach is highly quantitative, designed to provide rigorous and objective analysis that ensures that projects and operations are designed to deliver upon the stated objectives.

We create value for clients by applying our experience, models and capabilities to assignments in the form of expertise in vertical markets, organisation structure and behaviours, business processes, supply chain and enterprise architectures.

We start from the position of business improvement, identifying opportunities for improvement, whether this is internal efficiency improvements, outsourcing locally, off-shoring or creating a shared service organisation within the firm.

We use structured methodologies and frameworks to support decision making, design strategies and solutions and measure and manage outcomes. We use our proprietary Op2i 8-by-8 Business Improvement Framework™ and work with our clients to ensure outsourcing is a strategic option which adds to the overall organisational goals.

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