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Facilitation and Training Services

Delivering knowledge transfer through insight

We provide executive and operational level coaching, facilitation and training to bolster the knowledge of our clients in designing, implementing, running and managing complex business transformation and sourcing arrangements.

We provide commercial and highly focused executive level coaching and support across a number of different areas through ongoing Executive-to-Executive sessions. This support programme is designed to ensure continued sponsorship and engagement at the executive level and provide assurance to top management and key stakeholders of successful implementation and delivery.

We have developed an extensive range of practical reference material that is of direct relevance to organisations contemplating or implementing a strategic change and outsourcing programme.

Our training workshops are designed to be interactive and encourage participants to learn from experiences from not only the workshop experts but also from course attendees. Delegates are required to participate in exercises which internalise the learning outcomes to their particular company.

Our facilitation and training workshops vary in length from half day introductory workshops to two day intensive championship training workshops dedicated to equipping the champions of an outsourcing programme with the information and tools needed to lead the process of outsourcing within their organisation, covering the A to Z of outsourcing.

Workshops can either be delivered at a single client location with delegates from different parts of the organisation, or can be delivered off-site for multiple client participation.

Sample training and facilitation workshops:

Sourcing governance and risk management

Supplier relationship management and trust building

Collaboration, knowledge management and innovation management

Cultural awareness for offshoring

Strategic governance and performance delivery

Public Private partnerships in Sourcing

Public Sector Service Delivery Model Options Evaluation, including social enterprises, co-operatives, 3rd sector provision...

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