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Brokered Outsourcing

Op2i “Brokered Outsourcing Services” are services for which our clients’ contract directly with Op2i pre-screened service providers.

Clients may wish to complement the brokered services with Op2i advisory services to ensure they fully understand and manage the outsourcing process and establish sensible SLA’s. We leverage our established outsourcing partner network to identify the most appropriate service provider for our client.

Op2i’s portfolio of brokered outsourcing services includes:

Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO) services

Remote infrastructure management and monitoring services

Remote delivery of infrastructure services has become an extremely viable option today on the back of a number of positive influences. Most aspects of infrastructure management which do not require actual physical presence, such as installation of hardware or repair of equipment can now be delivered from remote locations. A key factor which is contributing significantly to this development is the rapid growth in tools for remote infrastructure planning, administration, monitoring and problem resolution. Improvements in telecommunications are also aiding this trend.

Security management and monitoring, fraud detection services

In today's regulated & controlled era, it is necessary to provide assurance to customers, business partners, regulators and even the courts that one has done their due diligence in securing the IT infrastructure. Corporate security management thus becomes a concern and security management solution a necessity.

Companies have to search for new technologies and employ qualified security professionals to keep their data secure from theft. Maintaining these resources and implementing a fool-proof security policy is a difficult task which can be better handled by experienced third party security agencies.

Managed Security Services (MSS) is a systematic approach to managing an organisation's security needs. The services may be conducted in house or outsourced to a service provider that oversees the companies' network and information system security. Managed Security Services play a vital role in addressing the compliance, efficiency, and security needs of an enterprise. The core feature of managed security service technologies is the ability to gather security data from all of the critical assets residing on a network and present that data as actionable information via a single interface.

Database administration, mining and support service

Access to experienced data base systems administrators.

Business Processing Outsourcing services

Data entry and processing services

Data entry, data cleansing, data mining, directory services, data capture and optical character recognition.

Data processing and forms processing

Data and catalogue conversion and digitisation services.

File format conversion, document conversion, document digitising, data conversion, EDM, PDF Conversion, XML conversion, Book conversion & Word formatting.

Catalogue building & indexing, catalogue updating and catalogue processing services.

Business transcription Services

Legal transcription, audio transcription, video transcription, media transcription, and academic transcription.

Knowledge Process Outsourcing services

Financial services

Financial research & analysis, analysis of financial statements, development of management reports, analysis of portfolio structures, analysis and development of prospectus, development of offer documents, ad-hoc reports, industry reports (fact books, competitor analysis), creation and maintenance of databases and libraries, product pricing and financial analysis, financial model validations, equity research and M&A analytics support (valuations and related financial modelling).

Staff augmentation services

Access skill sets in short supply cost affectively .

Market research and analysis services

Sales lead generation and lead qualification / filtering (cold calling, email pitches), primary and secondary research (telephone surveys), web based market research and analysis, data analytics, competitive business analysis, trend analysis, company profiling, management and marketing consultancy.

Para-Legal services

Legal research, drafting and review of draft agreements, intellectual property rights, patents applications and repetitive legal work (conveyance etc).

Creative and Innovation Outsourcing (CIO) services

Creative design and advertising services

Interactive websites development, e-commerce and portal web sites development, multimedia, graphics, logo designs, animation and 2D / 3D modelling.

Documentation services

Customer facing, technical, marketing, communications, financial accounting and regulatory compliance documents development.

E-publishing, journal administration.

Education - e-Learning / e-Training

Book design, book digitisation, online learning and training.


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